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Equipment Kits

    Intermediate Homebrew Equipment Kit
    PET Beginner Equipment Kit
    Gold Homebrew Kit with 5 Gallon Glass Carboy
    Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery - American Wheat
    Mini Monster Bookshelf Brewery - Cider and Mead

Ingredient Kits


    Beachin Blonde Ale - All Grain







    C-Brite Single Pack
    Carboy Cleaning Tabs - 30 Count
    Brass Bottle & Carboy Washer
    B-T-F Iodophor 4oz
    Carboy Dryer
    Five Star Home Brew Cleaning Kit
    The Carboy Cleaner
    Buon Vino Spray Wand
    Tiny brush for airlocks
    Blast Bottle Washer
    Alpet Surface Sanitizer
    Alkaline Brewery Wash
    Party Keg Brush
    81 Bottle Tree Drainer
    45 Bottle Tree Drainer


    Lab Thermometer - 12
    Muslin Grain Bag - LG
    Copper Immersion Wort Chiller - 25'
    Stainless Steel Spoon
    Plastic Spoon - 15in
    Plastic Spoon - 24in
    Stainless Thermometer 6 - Threaded
    Ball Valve - Stainless (0.5 Inch)
    Plate Chiller - 10 Plate
    Stainless Steel Strainer 10 inch
    Stainless Steel Strainer 8 inch
    Threaded Nipple - 1/2
    Irish Moss - Fining Agent
    Wort Aerator
    Calcium Carbonate
    Female Stainless Steel Quick Disconnect w/Barb
    Stainless Sight Gauge - Weldless
    Tube Screen
    BIAB Nylon Bag
    Water Filter Replacements
    Saniclean Sanitizer - 32 oz
    False Bottom - 9
    Hose Adapter - FPT 1/2 Brass
    Mash Stabilizer - 5.2pH
    Stainless Thermometer 2.5 - Threaded
    MPT Stainless Steel Male Quick Disconnect
    Stainless - 1/2 in. MPT x 3/8 in. Barb
    Silicone Tubing - 3/8 in.


    Fermenting Bucket
    Fermenting Bucket Lid
    5 Gallon PET Carboy
    Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 20L
    Double Bubble Airlock
    3 Piece Airlock
    Agar Petri Dish Refill
    Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 30L
    Fermenting Thermometer
    Auto Siphon - 3/8
    Pail Opener
    Better Bottle Universal Carboy Closure
    Bucket Clip for Racking Cane
    Erlenmeyer Flask - 1000ml
    Erlenmeyer Flask - 500ml
    Drilled Stopper - x Small
    2 Gallon Fermentation Bucket
    Temperature Controller - Digital
    Sanitary Filter
    Magnetic Stir Bar - 1in


    12 oz Beer Bottles - 24 Pack
    Amber Growler - 64oz
    Bottle Seal Wax (Yellow)
    Bottle Seal Wax (White)
    Caps - 60 Count


    Stainless Steel Beer Thief
    Glass Beer Thief
    Floating Thermometer


    Iodine Test Papers
    Chlorine Test Papers
    Acid Test Paper



    Safale US-05 Yeast
    Safbrew WB-06
    Red Star Pasteur Blanc Yeast
    Red Star Premier Cuvee
    Campden Tablets
    Lalvin ICV D-47 Wine Yeast
    Muntons Standard Yeast


    Cascade Hop Pellets - US
    Centennial Hop Pellets - US
    Chinook Hop Pellets - US
    Cluster Hop Pellets - US
    Columbus Hop Pellets - US
    Crystal Hop Pellets - US
    First Gold Hop Pellets - UK
    Fuggle Hop Pellets
    Hallertau Hop Pellets - German
    Kent Golding Hop Pellets - UK
    Millennium Hop Pellets - US
    Nelson Sauvin Hop Pellets - NZ
    Phoenix Hop Pellets - UK
    Saaz Hop Pellets - Czech
    Saphir Hop Pellets - German
    Simcoe Hop Pellets - US
    Sorachi Ace Hop Pellets - US
    Tradition Hop Pellets - German
    Willamette Hop Pellets - US
    Apollo Hop Pellets - US
    Ella (Stella) Hop Pellets - AU

  Malts & Sugars

    Priming Sugar
    Belgian Candy Sugar - Dark
    Belgian Candi Syrup 1 LB (Dark 2)
    Belgian Candi Syrup 1 LB (Amber)
    Belgian Candi Syrup 1 LB (Dark 1)
    Bitter Orange Peel
    Carbonation Drops
    Sweet Orange Peel
    Lactose (Milk Sugar)


    Premium 2-Row
    Wheat Malt
    Victoria Grain Mill
    Cinnamon Sticks - 1 ozCinnamon Sticks


    BeerBox Kit - 5 Gallon
    5 Gallon Tank Insulator
    Ball Lock Disconnect (Threaded) - Gas
    Dual Faucet Beer Tower
    Ball Lock Disconnect (Threaded) - Liquid
    Ball Lock Disconnect (Barb) - Gas
    Pin Lock Disconnect (Barb) - Gas
    Pin Lock Disconnect (Barb) - Liquid
    Pin Lock Disconnect (Threaded) - Gas
    Pin Lock Disconnect (Threaded) - Liquid
    Barbed Swivel Nut - 1/4
    US Sanke Coupler
    Faucet Wrench
    Drip Tray - 6
    8 Gram CO2 Bulbs - Box of 10
    Keg Lube
    Temperature Controller - Analog
    CO2 Distributor - 2 Valve - 5/16" Barb
    Diffusion Stone
    Stainless - 1/2 in. MPT x 1/2 in. Barb
    Pub Tap Handle - Black
    Pub Tap Handle - Natural
    Faucet Shank - 3in
    Faucet Shank - 4in
    Flat Nut - 0.5in Brass
    Faucet Shank - 6in
    Soda Keg Lid O-Ring
    Vinyl Tubing - 3/16
    Faucet Adapter - Quick Disconnect
    Vinyl Tubing - 1/4
    Two Piece Reusable Bung
    Vinyl Tubing - 5/16
    Faucet Coupling Nut
    Portable Cornelius Keg Charger
    Ball Lock Disconnect (Barb) - Liquid
    Ball Lock Post - Gas
    Ball Lock Post - Liquid
    Stainless Steel Beer Faucet
    Perlick Stainless Beer Faucet
    CO2 Distributor - 3 Valve - 5/16
    Vinyl Tubing - 7/16
    CO2 Distributor - 2 Valve - 1/4


    Gold Wine Making Equipment Kit
    Waiter Corkscrew
    Easy Double Lever Corker
    The Mix-Stir
    Dry Pectic Enzyme - 1oz
    Wine Tannin Powder - 1oz
    Potassium Campden Tablets - 1oz

Books and Video

    Complete Joy of Homebrewing
    Homebrew Log Pad
    Clone Brews
    True Brew Handbook Beginners Guide
    Beer Captured
    Brew Like A Monk
    Extreme Brewing
    Radical Brewing
    The Beer Can Poster

Everything Else

  Monster Gear

    Brewer's T-Shirt - S
    Brewer's T-Shirt - M
    Brewer's T-Shirt - L
    Brewer's T-Shirt - XL
    Brewer's T-Shirt - XXL

  Other Stuff

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